broken pot forestDid you ever imagine that a broken pot could take on a new life like this?

Really?  Yes, indeed.  Just put that imagination of yours to work along with a few parts and you could create something like this.

What would you need?  Not much.

A broken pot – however large you want to work with (or have the space for)

Potting soil for the type of plants you plan to add in there.

Maybe some dark plastic covering inside the pot or at least some pebbles to help drainage and help keep the shape.

Some broken shards would look nice if you layered them in height.

Some tall whispery plants for the back, some shorter ones for the sides, moss… you name it, it’s your broken pot fairy garden.  That’s the whole fun point – make something unique to you and what makes you happy.

The picture is simply a possibility.  A look what you might do inspiration.  This picture is from a website I found called The Gardeners Anonymous Blog.  It is so whimsical I fell in love with the idea.

You could do this with any sized broken pot.  Go ahead, let your imagination run free and see what you come up with for your own Faery Garden.