Finally. Now It’s Time To Get To Work

Finally.  President-Elect Jo Biden.  Vice-President-Elect Kamala Harris.

I do not have words that would adequately express the absolute relief I feel at this moment.

Other emotions will soon come into play – but just such happiness and relief that we are safe once again is all my mind can see, my emotions can feel in this moment.

*deep sigh of satisfaction*

It’s The Day After the Election – So Now We Wait

I voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for President and Vice-President.  I did.  I’m proud of that vote.  And I stand behind it no matter anyone or anything else.

I want my country back.  I want the hatred, the anger, the ridiculous decisions behind me.  I’m not a fool, I know bigotry, hate, disagreement will always exist – but I want the flames to stop being fanned.

Now. We. Wait.  Not always patiently but we have to wait for every single vote to be counted.  That is the American way… we count the vote and then (and only then) a winner in any election is declared.

You cannot “Claim” states in order to boost your own side, it’s not how this all works.  *sigh*

One Beautiful Completed Fairy Garden Container

This is the photo that really decided me on creating my own Succulent Fairy Garden in a pre-prepared pot.  Click on that photo to go to the Instagram account Fairy Tale Gardens to see even more.

Stunning.  And I’d like to recreate something similar.

If these types of projects fascinate you as they do me, then I’d suggest heading over to this article at Succulent City for lots of tips and information.  I know I’m going to referencing this article as I create my own Fairy Garden creations.