A Change in Fae Serena

Posted March 6, 2021 by Fae Serena in Rambling Thoughts / 0 Comments

Life is all about change, isn’t it?  I believe we all can say that the previous year (2020), and the continued more restrained chaos of 2021 certainly changed all of our lives in different ways.

For me, it’s been far, far too easy to just let despair, depression flow over me, and curling up in a tight, secure, bubble of a ball was a mental safety-net that I allowed myself.  That might have helped in some ways – but did damage in other ways as well.

It’s time to step back into the world that I once found beautiful.  It’s time for some very different changes – and that is what you’ll see reflected in this newer version of Fae Serena.  I’ll still be sharing my love of fairy anything, my desire to conquer the making of fairy gardens, but I’m also spreading out a bit into something that is very important to me, especially at this time.

Self-Care ~ Self-Love ~ Self-Assurance

As I do some tending to myself ( as I should have done years ago ) I’ll be making that journey here at this website.  Oh, those tiny, personal details will never make it into a post – but in general, in spirit, in perhaps helping someone else… those will all be here, easily seen.  Negative thoughts will destroy a person – only relearning to change the negative to at best positive, at the least neutral, can change ultimately the spiral into constant negativity in one’s life.  That is my goal for 2021.  I invite you along on this journey…

… or you could just look for the succulent posts, or the fairy garden posts, or whatever else hits my fancy on this journey called life.  🙂

Posted March 6, 2021 by Fae Serena in Rambling Thoughts / 0 Comments


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