Fae of Winter 14I have had a lifelong fascination with fairies, the wee folk, the fae and the simply magical.

That love for the magic in life is the reason I first started this website.

But, the human in me soon gave up on that idea because I thought (mistakenly) that there really wasn’t a big audience for the magical fairies of my youth and imagination.

I was wrong, so wrong.

So I’m going back to that root, back to the magic and the imagination that fueled my love for the fae and all things magical.

Because my writings here in the past meant something to me for that time in my life – I will leave them here as a reminder to me, at least, to not give up on what’s important – to dream and to take flight through magical belief in the… what if’s.

It is my hope that you believe too and will find enjoyment here at Fae Serena.  also known these days as

Faeries In My Garden…. and faery tales on my bookshelves

Because I love faery stories so much, I’ve decided to combine two of my loves:  Faery Gardening & Faery Fiction (novels).  It may seem to be a strange combination – but it works for me and I think it will work for others.  Because if you enjoy one hobby, I think you’d enjoy the other, too.

So, here at Faeries In My Garden you will find reviews of fantastic fairy gardening books and supplies, information about making your own fairy garden and then you’ll find fiction in the form of reviews of Fae novels or the re-telling of classic fairy tales in a more modern world.

Sound like a fun combination?  Then I certainly hope you enjoy your time here.