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New: Syngonium Mickey

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Syngonium Mickey 

These are an easy-care house plants, syngonium can handle some neglect and are generally not bothered by bugs. They require some pruning to keep the plant bushy as they do climb and trail. This Syngonium has a lovely little arrow shaped leaves, pink shaded on the top and green on the underside.

This is a recent purchase and a brand new-to-me plant so — fingers crossed — we shall see how it turns out in my home.  Care information is from several general sources and I will update with my own plant picture, my experience with “Pink Mickey”, and what care information actually worked for me.  Remembering that everyone’s experience will be different for we all do not have the same conditions (unlike a greenhouse).


Although these plants “can” be low light in the right conditions, usually it’s recommended for a medium to bright light location.  While not specifically finiciky you will want to move the plant to different locations to find it’s “sweet spot” as far as light goes.  Too bright then the possibility of leaf burn, too little light then the fading of the pink (which is in various shades of pink already).  I’ve found with all of my plants, I start out with the general recommendations and then adjust as I see my own plant reacting to my conditions.


Usually moist is the rule of thumb, it can go dry down to the first finger knuckle but be wary of the “flood and let dry out” method for that may cause some damage.  I will have mine in self-watering pots so it can pull what water it needs.  You’ll simply have to watch for your plants reactions, but generally moist and don’t let dry out completely.


As this plant can climb or vine (depending on if you give it a pole or support to climb) you can propogate by cutting below a node and planting in it’s own small pot – or even back into the larger container.

In some parts of the world this plant is considered on the “Rare” side – in others, well, it’s quite easy to find.  I’ve listed it here as in the Rare catagory for me.



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New Year, New Start

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There is something about sliding into another year that holds possibilities in my mind, like a blank page waiting to be filled with thoughts or actions, and who knows what the ultimate outcome will be by the time we’re ready to tick over to yet another new year.

2022.  The past few years have been quite the ride, haven’t they?  And it seems that the journey is not yet done.  But still alive, still functional so that’s always on the “good” side of the coin.

I had hoped for so much more on this website.  Truth is, it’s been a year filled with a lot of stuff and extra time to tend to myself, let alone this site just wasn’t available.  I could promise myself that will change but… *sigh*… who really knows these days?  I will try, at this point that is all I can promise myself.

I’m overflowing with ideas, now comes the challenge of making them a reality.

In this pandemic time frame, I’ve found myself leaning toward the beauty of houseplants once again.  For a while there it was only cacti or succulents (which require very little attention) that I was working with but now I’ve added some exotic (some would call rare) plants to my home — and they will be part of this year’s website, their care, and frustrations combined.  Different styles of Alocasia and Calathea have caught my attention, as well as some captivating Philodendrons as well.  I’m indulging myself with a hobby I once loved and let slip away, now is the time to see if I can get that joy back.

A new year full of possibilities.  Let’s see where 2022 takes us.


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Taking The Time to Love Yourself

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Making a major move such as buying my first home, as we recently did, was perhaps one of the most freeing moments of my life, thus far at least.

Amidst all the unpacked boxes, the general chaos I’ve discovered something about myself.

I haven’t taken the time or the attention to really take care of, even show love to myself.  Oh, sure, there have been moments but I’ve let the harshness, the reality, and the disappointments of life steal that away from me so often that it’s almost become a habit now.  One I intend to break free of.

I’m finding that as I’m unpacking I’m wanting to simply throw away whatever is in most boxes and begin anew without the memories attached to certain “things”.  I would never call myself a minimalist (I’ve always been more of a hoarder) yet I find myself wanting to surround myself, my home with items that reflect who I am today… not yesterday.  It’s not that I want fewer things, but that I want whatever I surround myself with to show that I care about my own well-being.  That I fill bookcases because I love getting lost in other worlds.  That my fascination with plants has finally been given permission to “bloom” into taking chances with plants I’d never tried to grow before.  That should I want a beautiful dragon or white tiger statue nestled in among the plants on their shelves… well, why not?  It’s my plant shelf to love as I see fit.

Freedom comes in so many ways – sometimes freedom from who you were and acceptance of who you are now is the best way to celebrate personal freedoms.

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A New Day ~ A New Home

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What the Fae? has been sadly neglected recently.  Oh, there is a reason (there are always reasons, even bad ones)… one that after everything was said and done fills me with joy.  But it was a journey to get to that feeling today as dawn breaks.

We’ve purchased our first home… well, the mortgage company and us.  🙂  Yet as long as those monthly payments are made (on time), this is our home now.  I cannot truly describe the freedom (and responsibility) that has settled upon me this past month since moving in.  Awe, certainly knowing that this is mine, I make the decisions here (along with my co-owner) but they are still our agreed-upon choices and not the whim of a landlord who decides to ruin a lovely view of the woods where a herd of deer wanders through daily with 14 apple trees as he builds an orchard on “his” property.  That was the final straw for us.  The decision wasn’t easy but it was necessary and thankfully everything worked out in the end.  (but what a journey the road to homeownership truly is)

The feelings of peace and joy within the chaos of moving in are indescribable. Boxes are still scattered everywhere, some taped shut, others half empty, still more awaiting recycling day… but it’s my chaos, that’s the difference.  Kind of like life actually.

I was amazed at the trash we were able to toss before the move.  Things that were no longer useable, unneeded, or simply kept for the memory (when in reality the memory is in the mind not the item).  Some of those undecided things came with us, but I’m finding that I’m more willing to let those “not sure” things end up in the trash more often than finding a spot for them.  And that is… freeing is the only word that comes to mind.

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The Robins Are Back!

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Late last winter, super early spring – around this time of year – there was a huge flock of about 50 to 60 robins all over my backyard.  It was a sight that immediately brought a smile of wonder that’s for sure.

I’d thought it was a once-in-a-lifetime sighting, for I’d certainly never seen more than 2 or 3 robins together at the same time before.


…they’re back!  I just had my wee dog out for a well, necessity trip to the backyard, and there before our eyes (and Harley’s wagging tail) was another large flock of robins.  Not quite as many, more like 30 or so but still.  They came back and stopped by on their migration trip from wherever they’d spent the winter.  How cool is that?

And maybe this very long, stormy, icy, cold winter is about to finally end.

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A New Day Dawns

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It’s a little before 6:30 a.m. here, dawn is breaking on the horizon.  I can see its beautiful hues from the sliding glass door on my patio. it’s just one reason why I chose this room for my own.

A new day with new possibilities, and old responsibilities.  And, at this moment, I can embrace each for its own worth.

Day One

It’s been said, by those that claim to know such things, that it takes a certain number of days to form new habits.  While there may be science behind that claim, I believe that it is a person’s motivation for change that truly drives the learning of a new habit.  After all, something only becomes a habit by doing the same thing over and over until it becomes a natural part of living.

Yesterday I reclaimed my own well-being, my own attention on my personal self-care.  So, today is Day One of that new journey.  I’ve managed to go for about 17 hours without once letting the “I can’t _____ ” (fill in the blank with negative thoughts) steal my good mood from me.  Will every day be so successful?  Of course not, but I can celebrate those 17 hours as a good start.

I believe that at some point we go beyond the need to survive the day and move into wanting to enjoy the day, no matter what happens in those 24 hours.  That is part of the striking “I can’t” from my habit list.  When one believes, truly at their core believes that their worth is somewhere near the mud at the bottom of a pond… well, the only logical thing to do for survival is to swim toward the surface and wash that mud off.  That is truly what my desire to strike “I can’t” from my vocabulary rises from.  I’m tired of feeling like the nasty bottom of a pond, I’d much rather be that waterlily that graces the surface of the pond with beauty knowing its roots are grounded in the mud for its life.  There is a difference, and I challenge you to really see what that is in your own life. (I challenge myself to remember this analogy every single day as well)

I’ll be back tonight with an update.  For now, I’m about to go enjoy this cold, crisp, beautiful day – I wish the same for you.

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