Settling Into A New Home… Faery Style

I’ve long had a love affair with the Fae, the Faries, the Faery… it matters not how you spell the word the thought associated with it is … magical, elusive, mischievous, believable make-believe.

I’m also old enough now to know that my fascination with a Faery World is truly my imagination at work, those “what if” moments that we all have no matter our age.

In truth, my Faery world is often a place of escape – where I can slip the human bonds of the body and simply let my imagination run free — like back in my youth when anything was possible and just over the next ridge on the horizon was the greatest adventure of all time.  We all know the truth about that, but reality sucks at times and I make the choice to allow my childhood imagination off the leash at times and simply enjoy life and the moment.


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