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Fairy Gardening-Creating Your own Magical minature GardenFairy Gardening has become a very popular pastime recently.  This is a great book to start you off on this enjoyable hobby.

Fairy gardens are enjoying an astonishing surge in popularity and now you can begin making your own enchanting miniature landscapes, complete with pint-sized accessories, diminutive plants, and quaint fairy figures. Gardeners Julie Bawden-Davis and Beverly Turner provide you with step-by-step instructions for creating a magical garden that will attract Thumbelina herself!

Learn how to design, plant, accessorize, and care for your very own small corner of the world by following seven simple steps, including choosing the perfect container, planting luxurious pint-sized plants, decorating with properly scaled accessories, and telling a story through the delicate fairies you choose to inhabit your magical wonderland. Included are full-color photographs showcasing various types of fairy gardens and accessories, which are sure to inspire the designer in you! And best of all, these perennial gardens are perfect for the busy gardener, as they require less than ten minutes per week to maintain—this could be your new favorite hobby! For the inner child in us all, Fairy Gardening is sure to enchant both the novice and the experienced gardener who wishes to stir up Lilliputian flights of fancy.

Please continue on for my thoughts on this subject.

Fae of Winter 14I have had a lifelong fascination with fairies, the wee folk, the fae and the simply magical.

That love for the magic in life is the reason I first started this website.

But, the human in me soon gave up on that idea because I thought (mistakenly) that there really wasn’t a big audience for the magical fairies of my youth and imagination.

I was wrong, so wrong.

So I’m going back to that root, back to the magic and the imagination that fueled my love for the fae and all things magical.

Because my writings here in the past meant something to me for that time in my life – I will leave them here as a reminder to me, at least, to not give up on what’s important – to dream and to take flight through magical belief in the… what if’s.

It is my hope that you believe too and will find enjoyment here at Fae Serena.  also known these days as

Faeries In My Garden…. and faery tales on my bookshelves

Because I love faery stories so much, I’ve decided to combine two of my loves:  Faery Gardening & Faery Fiction (novels).  It may seem to be a strange combination – but it works for me and I think it will work for others.  Because if you enjoy one hobby, I think you’d enjoy the other, too.

So, here at Faeries In My Garden you will find reviews of fantastic fairy gardening books and supplies, information about making your own fairy garden and then you’ll find fiction in the form of reviews of Fae novels or the re-telling of classic fairy tales in a more modern world.

Sound like a fun combination?  Then I certainly hope you enjoy your time here.


This is where I long to be

 standing beside the magical sea.


Photo credit: Stuck in Customs / / CC BY-NC-SA

faery plants

When did we lose our child-like wonderment?

Where did the simple belief in imagination go to?

Why do we have to stop being curious just because our age number has risen to the double digits?

Who says there can’t be wee faeries living beneath those mushroom umbrellas over there?

Just because I am what most consider a “grown-up” — why can’t I still in my child like heart believe in faeries, and unicorns, and all the myths and stories of make believe?  If I can’t believe in possibilities — then I hope I never, ever truly grow up.

Do You Ever…?

  1. lay back on the warm grass, watching the clouds and find the pictures within them?
  2. look up at the star filled night sky and stare in awe at the lights twinkling in the darkness – and wonder if anyone is looking our way?
  3. see a fairy ring on your front lawn and just for a moment smile and wonder if the wee ones are near by?
  4. shiver in the darkness for no good reason and for a second catch sight of ‘something’ out of the corner of your eye?
  5. wonder with curiosity at the myths and legends of the past and think to yourself  “what if”?

If you could read over this list and give a quiet, private smile at any of the suggestions, then I welcome you to the home of  Fae Serena – with a wee pinch of faery dust – for I have done those things as well.

Holding On To Child-Like Wonder

I don’t really understand why we must put aside our childhood amazement at the world around us.  Do you?

Oh, I don’t mean that as adults we should live in a constant Peter Pan state of mind!

But that we should try to keep some of that wonderment of our youth within us throughout our lives.  If we could be successful at that, I believe we would be a land of much better adjusted grown-ups than we currently show ourselves to be.

 Once Upon A Time…

…when I first discovered the Internet and all of the wonders it contained within that small “magic box”  🙂  — I discovered something called Web Competitions.  Decades ago these were wonderful places where anyone with a website could join in and meet people who shared interests through their various websites… and have a friendly ‘competition’ on who had the most popular site.

Those days are long past, but it did give me the chance to see that there were other people who still were curious about the myths and legends of the past… or the imagination, depending on their opinion.

A Return to Curiosity

So, I’ve decided to return to the sharing of those long past days.  Oh, no – this is by no means a new web competition site.  But it is a return visit to the myths and legends that I (and perhaps you) grew up with.

Have you ever wondered “What if…”?  Then join me on an on-going adventure back to the freedom of childhood and the belief that just about anything is possible.

Will you believe?  The comments are open for your thoughts.


In folklore, a fairy is one of a class of supernatural beings generally believed to have diminutive human forms, possessing magical abilities that they use to intervene in human affairs.   Many, many scholars have attempted to explain what is and what is not a fairy over several centuries now. . . none are any closer to explaining away magic.