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eagle tears 9-11-01It’s impossible to forget that morning.  What we were doing.  How we heard the news.

The disbelief even now years later.  Time heals wounds.  Perhaps.  But we still remember the victims of September 11, 2001

…and we each have been changed in some way.

No, we will never forget.

love storyLife should be a love story.  One that is rewritten each and every single day.

It shouldn’t matter if we have a partner to travel through this life with – or if we go it on our own.  We still need that daily love story.

You have value.

You have a purpose.

You have a reason to watch the sun rise tomorrow morning..

There is only one “you”.  So be yourself.

Be crazy, be somber.  But be you – not some cookie cutter patten of what anyone else thinks you should be.

You are unique.  Act like it.

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