Fairy Gardening 101Release your inner child and step into the fairy world by creating your own enchanted garden, no matter how much space you have! Fairy gardens are increasing in popularity and Fairy Gardening 101 provides you with all the information necessary to design, plant, and care for your very own miniature garden oasis. Author, artist, and fairy gardener extraordinaire Fiona McDonald introduces readers to the history of fairy gardens and then provides step-by-step instructions, photographs, and illustrations for you to follow—or draw inspiration from—when starting your own project.

Learn which types of plants and containers are most successful for a fairy garden, as well as how to develop a focal point for your enchanted mini Eden. Fairy Gardening 101 also provides important information on caring for your garden, on designing gardens for both indoors and outside, on using artificial plants to make your garden last a lifetime, and much more! You’ll also find inspirational photos from fairy gardeners around the globe as well as a list of suppliers. You don’t need to be a master gardener or to have a particularly green thumb to successfully plant and maintain your tiny fairy garden. All you need is a few miniature plants, some thoughtfully placed accessories, a fairy or two, and a love of whimsy and imagination.

Please continue reading for my thoughts on this Fairy Gardening book.

It is really difficult to go wrong with this Fairy Gardening book full of pictures, instructions and so much more.

This is a relatively new gardening hobby of mine, born out of a life-long love of both faeries and gardening.  The instructions were easy to understand, I could find everything I needed with very little trouble and isn’t that the important part – being able to actually make what you are being told about?

While every gardener’s abilities, willingness to learn and their own creative ideas are individual, I feel that this book is truly one that will start many new faery garden hobbyists on a delightful journey of learning new things.

I am showing you, my readers, fairy gardening books that I have found helpful to me.  Everyone’s experience is different, so while this is available at Amazon in book format and for the Kindle – if you are hesitant then I’d suggest looking for this from your library.  If you find it half as helpful as i did, you’ll soon want your own copy to keep your notes and ideas in.