New: Aglaonema White Rain

Posted August 3, 2022 by Fae Serena in Houseplants / 0 Comments

Aglaonema White Rain

In a recent plant haul, I picked up an Aglaonema White Rain (which is in the Chinese Evergreen family).  I love the white to light green center splash/coloring and, hopefully, I’ll have much better luck this time around with this new plant.  For the most part, these are relatively easy to care for plants – however – I did manage to kill one through improper watering so I’ll be much more careful about that this time around.


Medium bright seems to be the preferred location.  While it can grow in low light conditions, if it gets a bit leggy, then move it to a brighter spot.  Direct, full sunlight can be damaging to the leaves in the form of burning or crisping.


While it will depend somewhat on the location/amount of sunlight the plant receives it could be watered and then left to mostly dry -a flood and dry out kind of soaking.  I will have this plant in a self-watering wicked pot so how I water will be a bit different.  Simply allow for some variations in how well it responds to watering and adjust accordingly.  Honestly, I’ve found that watering instructions are very much a find what works for your plants and a general guideline, not an unbreakable rule.  (I horribly overwatered my previous Aglaonema White Rain, so hence the new self-watering pots for most of my plants these days.)


Posted August 3, 2022 by Fae Serena in Houseplants / 0 Comments


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