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Syngonium Mickey 

These are an easy-care house plants, syngonium can handle some neglect and are generally not bothered by bugs. They require some pruning to keep the plant bushy as they do climb and trail. This Syngonium has a lovely little arrow shaped leaves, pink shaded on the top and green on the underside.

This is a recent purchase and a brand new-to-me plant so — fingers crossed — we shall see how it turns out in my home.  Care information is from several general sources and I will update with my own plant picture, my experience with “Pink Mickey”, and what care information actually worked for me.  Remembering that everyone’s experience will be different for we all do not have the same conditions (unlike a greenhouse).


Although these plants “can” be low light in the right conditions, usually it’s recommended for a medium to bright light location.  While not specifically finiciky you will want to move the plant to different locations to find it’s “sweet spot” as far as light goes.  Too bright then the possibility of leaf burn, too little light then the fading of the pink (which is in various shades of pink already).  I’ve found with all of my plants, I start out with the general recommendations and then adjust as I see my own plant reacting to my conditions.


Usually moist is the rule of thumb, it can go dry down to the first finger knuckle but be wary of the “flood and let dry out” method for that may cause some damage.  I will have mine in self-watering pots so it can pull what water it needs.  You’ll simply have to watch for your plants reactions, but generally moist and don’t let dry out completely.


As this plant can climb or vine (depending on if you give it a pole or support to climb) you can propogate by cutting below a node and planting in it’s own small pot – or even back into the larger container.

In some parts of the world this plant is considered on the “Rare” side – in others, well, it’s quite easy to find.  I’ve listed it here as in the Rare catagory for me.



Posted August 1, 2022 by Fae Serena in Houseplant-Rare-Pink, Houseplants / 0 Comments


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