As I wander through each day

its ups and downs and fears

There is someone who never strays

who stays close throughout the years.


I’m sure I’ve given heartaches

and many shakes of the head as well

The chances that I always take

the times I stumbled and fell.


Yet  my companion stays near me

all day and long night too

This face that I have never seen

the heart steadfast and true.


At times I feel the presence

of unseen arms that hold

The gentle touch that I sense

a whisper to my soul.


A love that will not ever end

devotion strong and true

I cannot really call them friend

yet there is a title to use.


An angel watches over me

so close and yet so far

Guardian I’ve never seen

to thank you, how do I start?


My guardian angel watches

and keeps an eye on me

Sent by my Heavenly Father

to tend when I’m in need.


Thank you heavenly companion

for all the things you do

The years of your devotion

for love that remains so true.


To know that you are always near

the battles you must have fought

Your protection year after year

the love of God within your heart.


Though I have never seen you

please know within my heart

My love is also true for you

I know we shall never part.


One day I shall see you

I know not how or when

My time here will be through

at last to meet you at its end.


Until then guardian angel

I know you’re close at hand

Watching over me so well

at my side you always stand.

~m spohn


nessie in the moonlight

The silence of the loch

stretches nerves to the brink!


Will she emerge once more

this mystery of the deep?


Suddenly the silence

is broken with a splash!


Long neck, doe eye

now lost within the mist.


Once again Nessie

has eluded the humans.


Silly things –

They forgot the flash!


Can you hear

that sound in the distance?


Sounds like…

Nessie’s laugh.

~m spohn

unicorn in the mist

Through the swirling mist

a shape begins to form

And then before your very eyes

the might Unicorn emerges

In sunlight he stands there

looking over the dwelling place.

A soft neigh can be heard

as he seeks those of his kind.

With heavy sad silence

and a lowering of his proud head

The swirling mists surround him again

the meeting now at an end.

~m spohn