Succulents In A Fairy Garden

I love plants, for years I could keep African Violets blooming year-round.  Sadly, we moved from that “perfect” location and I’ve not had the same success since.  *sigh*   Oh.  Well.

I’ve one spot that gets natural sunlight enough to have a glass “bookcase” double as a large plant stand.  And that is my one spot that is filled right now with the majority of my leafy plants.

I’m beginning to plot out how to use plant lights in order to create other plant locations within my home… I’m determined to go green big time.

Right now, I’m looking at cactus and succulents… and I’m frankly, astounded by the variety that is available.  Beautiful in a unique fashion, nothing like pretty flowering African Violets but still stunning in their own right.

With plant lights and the right location away from drafty doors, I believe I can accomplish at least one type of Fairy Garden with only succulents… at least, I’m now determined to try.  I could never recreate these lovely pictures that I found on Pinterest (when I find the originator they will be properly linked) — but they give me hope that I can do something close.

Now, to find the right plants, pot, and fairy decorations.  🙂

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