Terrarium Fairy Garden Possibilities

I have been fascinated by terrariums my entire life.  A miniature world in a jar or bottle or fish tank just seems the most relaxing thing to observe (if you cannot actually get out into nature physically to do so.)

I came across this article at GardenersPath.com recently that jump-started the possibility around “I wonder if I could do this” thoughts racing through my head.  (in fact, the picture up there is from that article)

Any glass container would equal a terrarium.  Size does not matter as long as the plants within can grow and thrive in that space and environment.

I will definitely be looking into this idea.  If this interests you as well, then a good place to start would be clicking on the link to Gardeners Path’s article above.  I’ll be adding more information in the coming weeks about terrarium gardening so I’ll wish us both luck. 🙂

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